VALIANT GROUP was founded in 1999 by senior executives from major firms. We recognized an unfulfilled need for a firm that would provide greater focus and a deeper level of service to real estate investors and clients. To staff and grow the firm, our founders hired people like themselves who had a deep understanding of real estate projects and the teams needed to make them successful.

Over time, we have developed an ever-broader array of services and we continue to add talent by developing creative and competent professionals. We recruit from the best colleges and add professionals from bulge bracket firms or other boutique firms. We seek out unique individuals who share the culture of service, focus and passion that VALIANT GROUP fosters.

Today, VALIANT GROUP has several partners and employees. In addition to our California headquarters, we operate local management offices in our selected market areas. We remain a privately held firm, which frees us to concentrate on what matters most to us and our clients – building relationships that build value. And while we have never lost our focus with our clients, we have grown with many of our clients, and are now as experienced with transactions for regional, national and international firms as we are with transactions for community-based and family owned real estate assets.

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